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Piano: Élider DiPaula

Soprano: Gabrielle Goudard


The French soprano and Brazilian pianist meet in Chicago to present a rich program of Russian and French music: Vocalises.


From the French language, “Vocalise” refers to a performer’s ability to execute a melodic line with agility and virtuosity, using only vowels.

Compositions which use this form explore melody, harmony, and rhythm, allowing the singer to focus on expression.

In this program the two artists take the audience on a musical exploration full of harmonic colors, with music from Rachmaninoff, Poulenc, Ravel, Debussy, Stravinsky, Faure, and Messiaen.

Each melody is an existential reflection showcasing a full emotional range: from light to dark and from birth to death. 

Goudard’s soprano floats on top of DiPaula's sensitive and colorful playing, lending a rich interpretation to the songs. Together they have a commanding stage presence which invites the listener to immerse themself in the music. 

The duo performed this program in February 2023 to a full house, as part of the season of Project 88 Concert Series in Berwyn, Illinois.

Pictures by Ivan Indrautama

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